Guy-Marc Hinant & Dominique Goblet

El Café Central, La Perrera y Sub Rosa invitan:

Guy-Marc Hinant & Dominique Goblet


Evento Sub Rosa por Guy-Marc Hinant: films & música experimental:
Expansion of Chaos in the spheres of Universal Harmony

Autodafé, 1949 (10’ – 2012) burning of books in USSR
Fuck You (100’ – 2009 – 2 extracts) – Noise Music in China

Construction from an anthology of Noise (30‘) + dj-ing


Intervención al muro por Dominique Goblet:
Wolfman (in reference of her book Les hommes Loups, 2011)







Fotos : GL


Café Central Hidalgo 302, Centro. Oaxaca, México